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A Quick Guide on Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Men

Body hair is completely normal as it is often not something to feel ashamed about. But some men prefer to keep it off. While shaving is the go-to solution for most, you might get the occasional razor burn or cut when you’re in a hurry. And waxing? It may be out of the question if you’re not comfortable with the hair-gripping pain. A long-term and often painless solution is laser hair removal. Here are some common questions that will give you an idea of what to expect from the procedure.

What Does Laser Hair Removal Do?

Laser hair removal is a quick procedure where a laser is aimed at the skin to remove unwanted hair and is absorbed by the melanin, making it harder for hair to grow back. The misconception with the procedure is that it’s a one-and-done deal, but this isn’t always the case. 

Hair may grow back, but it will grow back much finer. Some people who get laser hair removal get them every year or when hair starts resurfacing, which eventually could keep the hair away permanently. The procedure is safe in many areas, including the beard area, neckline, back, shoulders, arms, legs, butt, and bikini regions.

Are There Any Side Effects? 

Most side effects of laser hair removal go unnoticed. Some not-so-common side effects are swelling, blistering, or slight discoloration. Let your practitioner know if you have any existing skin conditions before going through with the procedure. 

If you do experience discomfort like swelling, you can apply ice to these affected areas and see it go away in a matter of time. Use gentle cleansers and moisturizers on the skin to keep it soft and well-groomed. It is always recommended to use sunscreen to prevent any sunburns and keep you fully protected from UV radiation. 

Should I Get Laser Hair Removal?

Getting laser hair removal is a personal choice, though it helps to know how it works. Most men who come and get this procedure done are those in the entertainment industry who want to stay well-groomed for the camera or stage. Some are preparing for events and want to look their absolute best. And there are also those occasional customers that just want to keep the hair off for a long time. 

Before going through with the procedure, schedule a consultation with a professional to prepare for it. Let them know about any skin conditions you may have and which areas you want to target. The bill will depend on how much work you want done. If you’re someone that likes to stay clean-shaven or you have a career that depends on it, it is an investment worth making. 


Laser hair removal can be a big investment, but the long-lasting effects make it an investment worth trying. Waxing and shaving take up time and costs a lot more than you would imagine. Yearly touch-ups can go a long way into making your skin permanently hair-free. With the right services, you can get a painless experience with excellent results.

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