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All About Laser Hair Removal: Is it Permanent?

Managing body hair is a very time-consuming process that you need to do over and over throughout the years. This is why laser hair removal is such a popular choice for women who want to get rid of hair once and for all!

The Laser Hair Removal Process

Hair is produced from hair follicles located just underneath the skin. Laser hair removal uses high-heat laser beams to target individual hair follicles. The beam travels down the hair shaft then heats the hair follicle, destroying it and disabling hair production.

Laser treatments are much more effective than other forms of hair removal because it directly targets the roots of your hair. Waxing, shaving, and tweezing, on the other hand, only remove hair from the surface of your skin; as such, your hair will always just grow back after a few days or weeks!

Laser hair removal has a very high success rate,—and it’s generally a quick process, especially if you’re targeting small areas, such as the upper lip. If you’re treating larger areas like your back, it may take more than an hour.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: growing, shedding, and resting. A laser technician will not be able to target hair follicles in the resting phase because there’s no visible hair in the area.

Not all hair follicles respond to laser treatment in the same way, either. The blast of heat may just disable some hair follicles instead of permanently destroying them. This is why laser hair removal is a process that needs multiple treatments over several months to really complete properly.

Multiple Laser Hair Removal Sessions

Hair growth is significantly reduced after your first laser treatment. After a few weeks, hair follicles previously in the resting phase will start producing hair—and you will have to go for a touch-up session when they start coming in. As such, to get the most out of laser hair removal, further treatments are necessary.

The exact number of future sessions varies on your individual hair growth cycle. If your hair has consistently grown back quickly, you may need more laser treatments than others. Sessions are usually spaced out by six weeks or more—your technician will inform you when you should come back.

Treated hair follicles may also still be able to produce hair, but they will be finer in texture and lighter in color. After several yearly touchup sessions targeting the same area, hair growth may stop altogether. In some cases, you may discover that some of your hair follicles are resistant to treatment, so you will have to resort to plucking these stray hairs.

In the long run, you may need maintenance sessions every few months or once a year. Again, this depends on your hair growth cycle and the quality of hair that your hair follicles continue to produce.


Laser hair removal is one of the best options for removing body hair in the long-term. While not perfectly permanent, it ensures that the amount of body hair is significantly reduced, with any remaining growth resulting in a finer texture that’s much easier to manage. For specific details on how your hair might react to treatments, it’s best to discuss your treatment goals with a hair removal specialist.

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