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Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

For many years, people believe that laser hair removal is a technology designed exclusively for people with fair skin and dark hair. While at the time, it was true because of the limitations of that technology, now that may not be the case anymore. Finally, it’s time to put that myth to bed. Because of advancements in laser technology for hair removal treatments, the procedure is now available for people who have brown or dark skin.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works by projecting intense light at the hair follicles, causing irreversible damage, so hair no longer grows in the targeted area. But in order for the laser to work, it targets the pigment in the hair. It’s because of the contrast between dark hair and lighter skin, making it possible for the laser to focus on just the hair follicles. This means that the laser is only effective for people with dark hair and light skin.

However, a new type of laser has been developed that works for both dark-skinned people and light skinned-people. This new type of laser goes deeper into the skin than the traditional diode and successfully bypasses the pigmentation present in the skin. The laser is able to find its target without relying on the contrast of skin and hair color alone. Now people with medium to dark skin can have laser treatment when they desire to have one.

Risks of Laser Hair Removal on Dark Skin

There are still risks associated with the procedure, but they can be minimized. Hyperpigmentation, or the appearance of dark spots, and hypopigmentation, in which the skin pigment lightens, are both possible side effects. You should also expect some redness and irritation after the procedure. Just to be safe, you should request your dermatologist to perform a test patch first before starting the procedure.

How to Prepare for the Treatment

If you’re interested in laser hair removal, you need to choose a board-certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon with experience doing laser treatments for your skin type. Do not settle for anything less. If a physician’s assistant or a licensed nurse will perform the procedure, they need to be supervised by a doctor.

Now, you can schedule a consultation with the doctor to see if the treatment is an appropriate option for you. Some of the things your doctor will discuss with you are:

  • Your medical history
  • Medication use
  • History of skin disorders or scarring
  • Past hair removal procedures
  • Risks, benefits, expectations, and limitations of the procedure

Your doctor will also probably take some photos to be used for your before-and-after assessments as well as long-term reviews. You will then receive some specific instructions on what to do and not to do before the treatment:

  • Stay out of the sun
  • Shave and trim the treatment area a day before your appointment
  • Avoid using sunless skin creams
  • Avoid plucking, waxing, and electrolysis
  • Don’t use blood-thinning medications like aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs


Initially, laser hair removal is a treatment that’s been kept within people with fair skin only because of the technology’s limitations. But because of advancements in laser technology, dark-skinned men and women can now undergo laser hair removal treatment. Like any other procedure, there are risks involved, and you should consult a board certified-expert before undergoing treatment.

Trust only Lase New York to provide safe and effective laser removal services. With our patented cooling technology, we make every laser hair removal session fast, painless, and effective. We also offer teeth whitening and skincare treatments to make you look and feel good! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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