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Keeping It Healthy: 3 Tips to Make the Most of Laser Hair Removal

Having hair in places you don’t want them to be can be difficult to manage, going beyond just the overall appearance. Unwanted hairs can tug and pull in the most uncomfortable ways, leaving you with red and inflamed skin. While the prospect of plucking and shaving can help, having a permanent solution is always a good idea to invest in.

One of the best permanent ways to remove hair on the market is laser hair removal. It’s a type of treatment that removes dark coarse hairs in every part of your body, including your face, underarms, and intimate areas. 

Laser hair removal necessitates the use of a laser, which effectively removes hair by burning all the hair follicles in the area. After several treatments, hair stops growing back. This makes it an effective way to ensure that you are hair-free in every area you wish!

There are several more ways to make the most of your laser hair removal sessions, however, especially if you want to make them even more effective. Here are some tips and tricks to make them happen:

Tip #1: Avoid tweezing and waxing from now on

Laser hair removal is only effective because of present hair follicles, which are burnt until hair no longer grows back. If you end up tweezing or waxing your hair, you’re effectively removing hair follicles in the process, leaving the laser with nothing to work with. 

Once you’ve scheduled a laser hair removal treatment, make sure to avoid tweezing and waxing! You’ll want every single follicle to remain intact, ensuring that they get burnt away in the process of laser removal. 

Tip #2: Shave a day before your hair removal session 

Although tweezing and waxing are heavily discouraged, shaving allows you better and more effective results. It’s always a good idea to shave before treatment, as this allows the laser to seep better into your skin, burning the hair follicles. 

With less hair on the surface, the light passes through better, also ensuring that you feel little to no pain. With less hair to burn off, the better the outcomes will be!

Tip #3: Stay away from the sun

Although this will depend on the areas you wish to work on, staying away from the sun is always recommended. You need to limit your exposure before beginning the laser hair removal and after, especially in between your sessions. Bear in mind that laser essentially burns your skin, making it extra sensitive to the sun’s rays. 

Even a minor sunburn can cause your skin to blister during the treatment, leading to a painful and horrific result. This will also impede and interfere with any progress you’ve made with your laser hair removal sessions, as it will cause you to miss your perfectly timed schedules. 

Work With The Best Laser Hair Removal Specialists In New York

There’s a reason why laser hair removal is highly recommended—it simply works wonders! It’s an effective procedure that leads to amazing results, but you’ll need to do your part in ensuring that it’s done correctly. To make the most of your treatment sessions, keep the aforementioned tips in mind. You’ll want to keep your skin ready for laser treatment, so keep your follicles intact and away from the sun!

It’s also important to work with only the best laser treatment services, such as Lase New York. we offer you only gold standards and patented cooling technology, ensuring that your laser treatments are quick, convenient, painless, and of course, effective in every way possible. Book a session with us today!

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