Laser Hair Removal: Tips for First-Timers

Have you booked your very first laser hair removal appointment?

If monthly waxing appointments or shaving hassles are getting too much to keep up with, laser hair removal can be an effective, permanent solution to say goodbye to body hair, and hello to wearing shorts and skirts without having to worry about looking like a Sasquatch.

This treatment uses highly concentrated laser beams to damage hair follicles, consequently delaying hair growth.

In this blog post, we go through some laser hair removal tips for first-timers to help alleviate your anxiety!

Before going to your first-ever laser hair removal appointment, let’s jump right into some things you need to know.


There are three things you have to avoid before your laser hair removal appointment:

  • Excessive hair growth

  • Suntan

  • Antibiotics

You should shave the areas you'll be treating before your appointment and stay away from antibiotics and sun exposure for 2 weeks. Your flawless tan can wait.

Process: Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

One session of laser hair removal is about 5-30 minutes long depending on the area. And, we’d be lying if we said you won't feel a thing. You’ll experience a rubber band snapping feeling that varies depending on the region. It gets more intense on areas where the skin is thinner---like your ankles.

It takes 7-14 days before you start seeing results- lesser hair growth, thinner hair quality.

But, how long does laser hair removal last?

The entire treatment is generally completed in 8-12 sessions every 5-8 weeks, after which you will achieve a 90% reduction in hair growth or more. After that, you can kiss your razor and microwavable wax goodbye!


After your session, you must avoid any activity that can heat your body for 24-48 hours---such as hitting the sauna, sunbathing, working out, etc. It can lead to dark patches, spots, and bacterial growth.

Strictly sticking to shaving during the months of treatment is a must. Waxing, plucking, dying, or anything that bothers your hair follicles is a no-no!

Lastly, you need to consider the possibility of getting top-ups due to fluctuating hormones causing irregular hair growth.

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