Laser intimate whitening

We are the only provider in the Queens area specializing in Laser Intimate Whitening!

have unwanted pigmentation?

see results in only 3-4 sessions!

With our Cynosure RevLite laser, we can zap away unwanted pigmentation in intimate areas such as vaginal area or inner thighs as well as delicate areas involving a fold such as underarms, back of neck, elbows and knees in as little as 3-4 sessions.

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issues with ingrown hairs?

We got you!

At Lase New York, our Laser Hair Removal systems powered by Candela and Cynosure can help you get rid of those stubborn ingrowns. Our Brazilian and underarm laser hair removal combined with our intimate whitening packages help you reveal a smoother, brighter, and healthier version of your skin.



Intimate whitening is a cosmetic procedure that helps to reverse skin darkening on intimate areas, such as the underarms, vaginal area, and inner thighs. This hyperpigmentation or skin darkening is associated with age, fabric friction (tight clothes), and hormonal conditions. 

This laser acts by emitting a powerful beam of specialized light that targets the pigments and acts to clear them away without harming the surrounding skin. 

You can expect to see results in as little as 3-4 sessions. This amount may vary depending on each individual case. We recommend an initial consultation to assess the skin. 

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The treatment time with RevLite Laser System is no longer than 20 mins per session! 

This laser method clears away the pigmentation in the deep layers of your skin, where the darkening usually is, versus the outermost layer.