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The Most Common Parts of the Body for Laser Hair Removal

For people who regularly deal with unwanted hair all over your body, if you’re considering a permanent solution of getting rid of them, you can opt for undergoing laser hair removal. It’s a safe and effective treatment that offers long-lasting results.

Laser hair removal is a well-known laser aesthetic treatment that many individuals worldwide lean towards to help eliminate their body hair. Almost all parts of your body with hair growing on it can be treated. The only exception here would be the eyebrows, as it may put your eyes at risk if things go awry!

If you want to learn the most popular body parts that can experience laser treatment, keep reading below.

Bikini Region

Women who have excessive hair growth in their bikini area often turn to traditional methods to control their hair, such as shaving, plucking, or waxing. These provide quick results but can be extremely painful, especially for those with low pain tolerance. However, if you decide to get multiple sessions of bikini laser hair removal instead, you can expect to achieve minimal hair growth, giving you an easier experience maintaining them over time!


If you want to keep your buttocks clean and hair-free, it’s possible to get laser hair removal in that region. Although you will experience some discomfort in such a treatment, it will still be more tolerable than traditional hair removal treatments. Depending on your ability to overcome pain, the skin clinic you choose can offer you a numbing cream to give you an easier time handling the procedure. 


Laser hair removal can take care of the incessant hair growth that occurs all over your face and neck. While such instances can lead you to turn towards shaving, it could promote unwanted skin bumps as well. 

A typical laser removal procedure won’t require you to wait for your facial hair to grow before attending a session, and it usually lasts for fifteen minutes. However, take note that it is recommended to get multiple follow-up treatments to achieve the best results.


Your legs are another typical part of your body that have too much hair growing. Since it is a significantly bigger part of your body, the laser hair removal procedure will take some time to finish. 

If you only opt to get your lower legs done, it will take about thirty to forty-five minutes to do; meanwhile, a full leg session lasts for more than an hour. 


Men and women who prefer their underarms to be hair-free can get laser hair removal because it is actually a body part that responds well to the laser treatment. Each underarm is usually five minutes long, and you will have to come in for multiple sessions to achieve the best results.


People who have hair growing around their abdomen can also benefit from a laser hair removal treatment because your abdominal and torso regions can safely take the procedure. When you get the laser method done on your abdomen, you will witness your hair growth decrease in the long run as well.


The parts of the body listed above are just some of the most common areas that can safely and effectively undergo laser hair removal. If you’re thinking of getting the treatment, you should do your research first to discover any reliable and professional laser hair removal clinics near you that can assure you of a safe and painless procedure. 

Are you looking for the best laser hair removal services in New York to take care of your body hair concerns? Lase New York is proud to use gold standard and patented cooling technology for our laser hair removal sessions. These are guaranteed painless and effective at bringing you the outcome you need. Get in touch with us today to receive a free consultation!

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