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Thinking About Laser Hair Removal? Here’s Why You Should Try It…

While laser hair removal might sound intimidating, it’s one of those self-care treatments that are absolutely worth the investment in the long term. You eliminate shaving completely, save a ton of money and lots of pain from waxing appointments, and best of all, you get to enjoy the luxury of being both hair and worry-free!

Although keeping your body’s natural hair is also trending these days, some people still enjoy the look and feel of hair-free underarms—preferably without the razor bumps and ingrown hairs, of course! If this sounds like you, then seriously considering laser hair removal might be the best option you have. 

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to give this treatment a try:

  1. It’s Super Convenient

Many people just can’t be bothered with the constant shaving, waxing, and sugaring that’s associated with personal grooming. In this case, laser hair removal is extremely convenient, as it can lead to permanent hair loss after enough sessions. Compare a single course of three to six laser removal sessions versus monthly waxing appointments for the whole year—that’s a lot of time and money saved on sessions! 

Laser hair removal turns out to be the most cost-effective option, and it’s especially perfect for those with busy lifestyles and tight schedules. 

  1. It’s a Precise Treatment

This type of treatment targets the hair at the base of the follicle, making laser treatments effective because it can focus on the dark, coarse hair on the body while leaving other areas untouched. This kind of precision cannot be found in other hair removal methods like waxing, which typically covers areas of the body that are also hairless and causes unnecessary irritation. 

  1. The Results are Superior and Less Painful 

Not only do results last longer with laser removal methods, but they also tend to look better. Other hair removal techniques like shaving, tweezing, or even waxing can lead to fast regrowth or traces of hair. One of the most common symptoms that people experience is the cluster of angry red bumps from irritation, ingrown hairs, and stubble.

Since laser hair removal works by sending pulses through the skin to prevent the growth of new hair for an extended period, the resulting appearance is smooth, even skin that is fuzz and hair-free. 

While this method is not completely pain-free, it’s a far cry from the stinging pain people experience from harsh waxing and hair plucking. You will feel small pricks or stinging sensations with each pulse, but this typically lessens with each session and does not need to be repeated for a very long time. Most laser removal machines also come with a cooling system that helps reduce the pain, something that other hair removal treatments don’t have. 

  1. It Can Help Your Confidence Levels

One of the biggest reasons why people are quick to jump on the laser hair removal trend is because it can do wonders for one’s confidence. Imagine not having to worry about stubbly underarms, ingrown hairs, painful waxing treatments, and the daily hassle of grooming. You can wear whatever you want and feel great doing so! 

Being able to effortlessly look and feel like your best self is worth the investment—and that’s exactly what you get with laser removal!


Women painstakingly look after themselves every day to appear more presentable by trying different hair removal methods. Many men may also go the extra mile for grooming and hair removal in places where they see fit. However, keeping up with manual, painful, and expensive methods of doing this is not worth the time and money. By investing in a long term solution like laser hair removal, you are not only boosting your confidence by improving your appearance; you’re creating a more positive mindset that helps you get through everyday challenges as your best self. 

Are you looking for a reliable laser hair removal service near you? Here at Lase New York, we maintain a gold standard in our laser hair removal procedure. By using patented cooling technology, you can experience quick, painless, and effective hair removal. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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